Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interview with Hector Delgado

q)Please introduce yourself.

a) Hello, my name is Hector Delgado and i’m a student in the “Centro de la Imagen”, Lima, Perú.

q) Where do you live and work?

a) I live and work in Lima, Perú

q) How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it?

a) My work is about the appropriation of imagines and giving them a new context and concept. For that I use the technique of collage and manipulate them digitally. I use images from magazines of the 40s, 50s and 60s.

q) How did you start in the arts? How/when did you realize you were an artist?

a) I’ve the necessity to create and to express my self; I’m not a person that talks much, so I try to communicate through my work. I realized that when people start liking my work and I was receiving good critics.

q) What are your favorite art materials and why?

a) I use a lot of old magazines, which I digitalized and then worked them in the computer. I like a lot the aesthetic of old images; I can spend hours looking and looking and extracting a character and pieces from magazines so i can work them later. I’m a very disorganized person so the computer is a good tool for me, it help me work clean and organized.

q) What/who influences you most?

a) Lot of things. I watch a lot of movies; Godard’s, Jodorowsky’s, Harmony Korine’s, etc; I like a lot the work of Hannah Hoch and Joseph Renau, their work inspired me for working with collages.

q) Describe a typical day of art making for you.

a) It all depends; at the mornings or afternoons I’m looking for magazines or scanning them. At nights I work in the computer, I feel more comfortable working at those hours.

q) Do you have goals, specific things you want to achieve with your art or in your career as an artist?

a) I just want to keep producing art and make a living of it.

q) What contemporary artists or developments in art interest you?

a) Anything that is new to me and have an impact/interests me.

q) How long does it typically take you to finish a piece?

a) It depends, it can take me a couple of hours, a couple or days or a week… It all depends on my mood and the materials I’ve available.

q) Do you enjoy selling your pieces, or are you emotionally attached to them?

a) Of course, I think that if someone buys my work they should really like it, so that means that I’m not working in vain.

q) Is music important to you? If so, what are some things you're listening to now?

a) Music is very important. I listen everything; from salsa to classical music… it helps me work at night: Patti Smith, Karajan, Blonde Redhead, Hector Lavoe, Daniel F, Fela Kuti, etc…

q) Books?

a) I read Charles Bukowski, Alejandra Pizarnik, Susan Sontag, Charles Baudelaire, Antonin Artaud... I also read any art book that it get to my hands.

q) What theories or beliefs do you have regarding creativity or the creative process?

a) You must be like a sponge and absorbed everything that interest you, then ideas will come by their self. You should always be producing anything, so you keep your mind working.

q) What do you do (or what do you enjoy doing) when you're not creating?

a) I hang out with my friends, go to a concert or watch a movie. I spend a lot of time watching movies.

q) Do you have any projects or shows coming up that you are particularly excited about?

a) I’m working on a Photogram project with some friends, it’s really cool because it’s been a while since I haven’t step into a photographic lab.

q) Do you follow contemporary art scenes? If so, how? What websites, magazines, galleries do you prefer?

a) I follow some art blogs, like this one or visit some web mags, like ruby-mag. I also visit some galleries so I know what’s going on the local art scene.

q) Ask yourself a question you'd like to answer, and answer it.

a) I don’t know what ask, I’m not good for that kind of things…

q) Any advice for aspiring artists?

a) Work hard and don’t be scared of trying new things. ;)

q) Where can we see more of your work online?

a) Most of my work is in this blog.

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