Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Interview with Kale Tunnessen

q)Walk us through an intimate day in your life

a) Wake up. Bus. Coffee. Work. Bus. Paint. Sleep.

q) Where did you grow up/where do you live now and how does that contribute to your art?

a) I grew up in Bloomsburg, PA and moved to State College, PA when I was 18. Then I moved to Chicago in August of 2013. All of this has definitely had an impact on my art, but it didn't really affect what I paint or the colors I use as much as the size of my pieces and the materials I use to create them.

q) What is your earliest memory that propelled you to create?

a) I don't really have one. I've always liked to draw and I started painting in June of 2009. It's just my way of communicating.

q) Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

a) Almost all of my paintings begin as excess from previous paintings. From there, I just react to what I see and they're done when they're done.

q) How do you wish for your art to be perceived?

a) "I don't particularly feel the need to be understood, but I do have a strong compulsion to communicate." This is a quote by Cristabel Christo that describes exactly how I feel.

q) What do your internal dialogues sound like?

a) The stock exchange just before the closing bell.

q) Do you feel that there are limitations to what you want to create?

a) Yes.

q) Do you feel art is vital to survival and if so, why?

a) I don't know that it's vital to survival, but I think it's definitely vital to making survival worthwhile.

q) Describe a world without art.

a) It would be sort of like a movie theatre that doesn't show movies. It would still be there, but what's the point?

q) Tell us a secret, and obsession.

a) secret = I have third degree burns from a chocolate pop tart
    obsession = coffee

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?