Thursday, May 14, 2015

Interview with Georg Oskar Giannakoudakis

q)Walk us through an intimate day in your life

a)Every day is different specially these days I am taking my master here
at Bergen, Norway at Bergen Academy of art and design. I spend much of my
time in my studio and going late to sleep.! Crazy Habit and I like it.

q) Where did you grow up/where do you live now and how does that contribute to your art?

a)My first five years and was brought up in Irapetra which is a town in Creta, Greece,
than I moved to Iceland in very small fishing town and than later to town called Akureyri.
Been there most of my adult life. I am not sure if I be honest I have not think of it that much.

q) What is your earliest memory that propelled you to create?

a)Wow that is a hard one. I wish I remember that.

q) Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

a)I usually start with vague idea sometimes I come up with something which appears
in the process or I use pictures or something which interest me. Than the work has begun
and usually that ends up with picture I had no intend to do. The process is crucial in my practise
it is a special things which happend, surprises and other magical things. 

q) How do you wish for your art to be perceived?

a)I have always had a simple idea about that, if I like it than very likely
someone somewhere would do it as well.

q) What do your internal dialogues sound like?


q) Do you feel that there are limitations to what you want to create?

a)No, not really.

q) Do you feel art is vital to survival and if so, why?

a)Yes, it saved my life.

q) Describe a world without art.

a)Nothing to describe.

q) Tell us a secret, and obsession.

a)Do your thing and find your obsession.

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?