Monday, February 18, 2013

Interview with Hadas Hinkis

q)For the people who don't know your work - how would you describe it ?

a) I make head-pieces, masks, and decor. I make pictures and videos of people in surrealistic physical situations.

q)What are the key themes running through your practice?

a) The human body. Colors and patterns. Limitations. extensions. Flat versus three-dimensional.

q)Your favorite place on earth?

a) Haven’t been there yet! Probably in the middle of a rain-forest, somewhere without humans.

q)What influences your work?

Drag queens. Pop culture. Materials that I come across. The flow and feeling of emotions in the body. Everyday experiences of connectedness to my surroundings.

q)What music are you into right now?

a) Ken’s radio show on WFMU, an American free-form radio station. He plays all kinds of weird stuff, surprising and engaging. They also have lots of other shows for any kind of mood, fun to listen to while working in the studio.

q)Describe your thought & design process...

Its pretty simple: I get a “download”, an idea just pops into my head all perfect and amazing. Then I need to somehow bring it into the material realm, which is a challenge...

q)Which emerging artists are you looking forward to seeing more of?

a) Madame Peripetie in Fashion photography, Sharon Eyal in Choreography, Lena Dunham in writing for film and television. And a lot more that I’ve seen and admired, and will kick myself later for forgetting to mention.

q)Favorite place on the internet?

a) Network Awesome. They curate daily programs with films, music, documentaries, old television moments- the great and the terrible!

q)Do you have any upcoming projects/exhibitions we should know about?

q)Tell us something we don't know - but should...

Wall paper glue + water + those annoying supermarket advertisements you get in the mail= papermache. Cheap and useful material for all kinds of 3d creations.

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?

a) On my facebook account, I upload more sketches and unfinished ideas. There I go by Hellza Papadopoulos.

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