Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Interview with Michael Viviani

q)What is your earliest art-related memory?

a)When I was 18 years old, Two women drove me to Avignon to see an exhibition, it was the first time I saw big paintings .

q) Who has had the greatest influence on your work?

a)Nobody has had the greatest influence on my work more than an other one I am influenced by a lot of artist and by all the things around me, by the people, the life.

q) What are the main tools of your craft?

a)The main tools of my craft are the culture and the communication with the world,

q) Is a formal education important?

a)Yes, I think it’s really important.

q) What is the biggest misconception about art?

a)A lot of people things it’s easy,

q) Which is more important in art - concept or execution?

a)I think the both are important, they are essential in art.

q) What theme or aesthetic are you most drawn too?

a)The portrait, i like represented, faces, drawn people.

q) What is your favorite piece of art in your home?

a)I’ve no piece of art in my home i spend my time between london and different cities in France, I move all 3 month.

q) If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

a)I don’t know, if i meet somebody and if there is a good feelings i can collaborate with anyone, I don’t hope to collaborate with somebody particularly.

q) Which emerging artist do you think more people should know about?

a)Dran the french artist from Toulouse.

q) What has been your greatest achievement to date?

a)To see people happy with a piece of my art in their house.

q) What has been your biggest roadblock?

a)For the moment i’ve never met a big roadblock, sometimes there are some problem but for each problem there is a solution, it’s the game of life.

q) How do you define success?

a)The success it’s when I see a smile on a face from somebody who like my work.

q) What will be the name of your autobiography?

a)Choose your life.

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