Monday, August 24, 2009

Interview with Jane Gowans

q)Please introduce yourself.
a)Hello, My name is Jane Gowans and I 
am a Scottish contemporary jeweller.
q) Where do you live and work? 
a)I live and work in Dundee which 
is on the east coast of Scotland.
q) How would you describe your work 
to someone who has never seen it? 
a)My work is a cultural observation that 
looks at the importance of touch as
a form of communication. The focus 
is upon the hands which are the main
element of my work. They are all 
wearable and made using silicone rubber,
precios metals and freshwater pearls. 
q) How did you start in the arts? 
How/when did you realize you were an 
a)I have always been creative. I love 
making things so it has been an obvious
progression from a young age. I think 
I started in the arts as far back as
primary school.
q) What are your favorite 
art materials and why? 
a)I don't think I have a favourite. 
I love experimenting with all different
q) What/who influences you most? 
a)I am influenced by lots of things. 
I would say european art jewellers such
as Leonor Hipolito and Gerd Rothmann 
to name a few. I also love the work of
Lina Peterson. My friends and family as 
they are all very creative, in
particular my partner Lyle McCance 
who is a contemporary furniture maker
and my friend Hannah Livingston who 
won the new designers jewellery prize
for 2009.
q) Describe a typical day of art 
making for you. 
q) Do you have goals, specific things 
you want to achieve with your art 
or in your career as an artist? 
a)I would like to do something for 
a fashion magazine as my pieces are 
very large. I would also love to have 
a solo exhibtion.
q) How long does it typically take 
you to finish a piece? 
a)On average I would say 1 week.
q) Do you enjoy selling your pieces, 
or are you emotionally attached to 
a)I think I am slightly attatched because 
they are totally bespoke and the
pieces will never be made again so 
that is quite sad but equally I can't
wear them all so I don't mind if 
someone else is getting joy from them.
q) Is music important to you? If so, 
what are some things you're 
listening to now? 
a)Yes. I love music. It is so inspiring. 
I play the piano and sing a little
so music features heavily in my life. 
I like lots of classical music my
favourite is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. 
I also like bands like Elbow and
Kings of Leon but my favourite thing 
to listen to is Regina Spektor. 
q) What theories or beliefs do 
you have regarding creativity or the 
creative process? 
a)No not really. I just fell my 
creativity and my working process is
something very natural.
q) What do you do (or what do you enjoy doing) 
when you're not creating? 
a)I enjoy seeing friends. Camping, 
walking, cycling, partying, eating,
listening to music, lots of things. 
q) Do you have any projects or 
shows coming up that you are 
particularly excited about? 
a)My work is going to be in Diana Porter's 
shop in Bristol from the 1st of
September as part of her pick of 
New Designers 2009.
q) Do you follow contemporary art scenes? 
If so, how? What websites, 
magazines, galleries do you prefer? 
a)I like, Dazed and 
Confused Magazine and the Tate Modern
when I get the chance to visit.
q) Ask yourself a question you'd 
like to answer, and answer it. 
a)What will I have for lunch? 
Pea soup.
q) Any advice for aspiring artists? 
a)Do what you want creatively don't 
just accept restraints, challenge them!
q) Where can we see more of 
your work online? 

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